Untitled Decomposition

by Unemployment Line



Unemployment Line was a short-lived ensemble that existed between 2003-2004. During that time there were only two live performances, once as a trio at Deadtech, and once as a quartet with Brent Gutzeit on the Something Else radio program on WLUW Chicago.

Untitled Decomposition is a recording of the Deadtech performance.

Untitled Decomposition was never an official Crank Satori release, however, an edition of 25 CDRs was produced and given away to friends.

Untitled Decomposition has been reissued digitally as part of the Crank Satori Archive Series.

This is CSArch006


released September 2, 2013

Kotaro Fukui - guitar, computer
Jason Soliday - electronics
Uhito Kiyosue - guitar, accordion



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